Leanne Vogel on a beach jumping into the air

Self-Expression Workshop

Leanne Vogel on beach in bathing suit

I am eliminating, anger.

I am not using food to drown my feelings.

I am setting clear boundaries with work.

I seek sexual pleasure without shame.

I tell myself I'm fucking awesome.

In March 2019, I realized how sexually unhealthy I was and how sick it was making me. How I couldn't step into my light, truly heal my body, and become the HOT SEXY BADASS goddess I knew I was. I've done the work. I'm feeling more and more powerful every day. I've embraced my darkness to uncover the light.



This 3-part self-expression workshop guides you through the 3 key components that will lead you to a more expressive life - of living in your power and radiating your power in a balanced way.

Once you've confirmed your seat, you'll get:

  • Three 1-hour videos: including your weekly lesson, crystal recommendation and guided meditation. Watch at your own pace and let the transformation begin.
  • Three integration worksheets: so you can put into practice what you’ve learned
  • Four audio meditations: download to your phone and repeat to allow the lessons to do their magic
Discover Yourself

For $49 USD