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Self-Expression Workshop

Leanne Vogel on beach in bathing suit

I am eliminating, anger.

I am not using food to drown my feelings.

I am setting clear boundaries with work.

I seek sexual pleasure without shame.

I tell myself I'm awesome.. and I believe it.

In March 2019, I realized how well I'd done at supporting my physical health, but how mentally and spiritually imbalanced I was. I was keeping myself small, not speaking up when I needed to, saying "yes" to things I didn't want to do... it was keeping me unhappy, uneasy, and felt like I just wasn't myself.

Months into mindfulness practices, meditations, and journaling exercises, I'm feeling more and more powerful every day. I've embraced my fear, rage, resentment, judgements, and lack of confidence to uncover the brave woman I know I've always been.



This 3-part self-expression workshop guides you through the 3 key components that will lead you to a more expressive life - of living in abundance and joy, and doing it on your own terms.

Once you've confirmed your seat, you'll INSTANTLY receive:

  • Three 1-hour videos: including your weekly lesson, crystal recommendation and guided meditation. Watch at your own pace and let the transformation begin.
  • Three integration worksheets: so you can put into practice what you’ve learned.
  • Four audio meditations: guided my me. Download to your phone and repeat to allow the lessons to do their magic.
Discover Yourself

For $49 USD

After you've completed this workshop, my Empowered Woman Workshop shows you how to remain energized, present, and positive with yourself.