Leanne Vogel on beach in bathing suit

Empowered Woman Workshop

Leanne Vogel on beach in bathing suit

I've been experiencing a deep transformation since March 2019, silently shifting into a stronger, more empowered, lit up woman. I’m honoring my needs, communicating clearly, and choosing to see abundance in every day experiences.

I wanna teach YOU what I've been doing to embrace my femininity and see myself as a desirable, worthy human.

This 4-part workshop shows you how to shift from disempowerment to empowerment - how to harness your power, get what you want, and see yourself in a completely different light, forever.

BOOST confidence

Increase MOTIVATION to reach goals

UNCOVER your true self

SPEAK your truth without fear

Once you’ve confirmed your seat, you will receive instant access to:

  • Three 1-hour videos: including your weekly lesson, crystal recommendation and guided meditation. Watch at your own pace and let the transformation begin.
  • Three integration worksheets: so you can put into practice what you’ve learned.
  • Three audio meditations: guided by me. Download to your phone and repeat to increase presence and honesty with yourself.
  • One 1-hour healing circle recording: where I share specific healing practices including chanting, mudras, and singing bowls to encourage healing in areas that need it.

For $49 USD

If you're new to self awareness and honoring yourself, the Self Expression Workshop is wonderful.