1 on 1 Coaching

Regulate your period.

End the cycle of trial and error.

Balance hormones.

Maintain energy throughout the day.

Lose the weight.

Achieve balance and resiliancy.

Get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Understand your body and what it needs.

Leanne Vogel

Your body is doing the best it can with the resources you have provided it up to this point. Your cells, tissues, organs, every bit of your body seeks a state of ease.

Whether ease is happening for you depends on numerous factors including your hormones, immune system, digestion, detoxifacation pathways, energy production, and nervous systems. Basically? It all boils down to the health of the 37.2 trillion cells that make up your body.

Ultimately? Your body is your responsibility. And, my passion is in assisting women to take on that responsibility so that they can show up more powerfully in their lives. To be of service to their purpose in life, with clarity and confidence.

I’m Leanne Vogel (CHN) and I do functional medicine a little differently. Instead of chasing symptoms, and dishing out supplements never getting to the root cause of issues in your body, I seek to identify underlying causes, imbalances, and deficiencies that have caused the luster in your health to dissipate.

I meet you where your cells are at via saliva, blood, urine, and stool testing coupled with your unique history, and first-hand experience living in that body of yours, and together, we come up with a protocol that works for you. Taking the focus from what is happening to the body, to WHY it is happening to the body. This is the best way I know how to actually help women take charge of their health - hormones, fertility, blood sugar, digestion, inflammation, and so so much more.

There are oodles of programs, details, how-tos, and guides out there that tell you what to do with your body. But none of it is personalized to you. Together, we seek healing opportunities, unmask malfunctions that need repair, and come up with unique protocols that work at the deepest level possible to restore balance.

What You Will Get with 1 on 1 Coaching


A thorough review of your symptoms and labs* to inform us of the personalized protocol needed, from a functional medicine perspective.


A comprehensive understanding of what your body needs, where tweaks are required, and how these tweaks lead to the bigger picture of your health.


Outline of exactly what your body is lacking, from a functional medicine perspective. Which leads to a step-by-step plan to achieve whole body wellness.

*The labs we are pulling are for functionality. We are looking for areas to help coach up the body's ability to heal and review labs in conjunction with medical history and lifestyle to offer recommendations.

Collecting Data Helps Inform Our Decisions

I’m not one for shooting in the dark, or coming up with protocols based on star alignments. I like cold hard facts.

This is why I use data-driven tools to inform the protocols we create for you. This, coupled with clinical correlation (not just looking at the nubmers, but understanding your case makes this approach VERY different from what you may have experienced elsewhere. And, we run these labs BEFORE we start our work together, so we can hit the ground running and not waste any time twiddling our thumbs waiting for answers.

Once you’ve reserved your spot, we will either:

  • Option 1: Run blood labs together
  • Option 2: Ask your doctor to run a set of labs for us

In addition to basic blood labs where I use functional blood chemistry for interpretation, we may also decide to use additional functional reports such as DUTCH, GI map, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and more*. I do not take an affiliate commission for these tests, so the cost is usually much less than other options.

*All labs are hosted by an American company. I do not have any options for out-of-country blood lab requisitions. I also do not have the ability to order for New Jersey, New York, or Rhode Island. DUTCH tests can be ordered for Canada or USA.


I cannot say enough about the first comprehensive protocol Leanne developed for me. I am feeling better than I have in years. The aches and stiffness that bothered me have vanished. My mood and tiredness are much improved. I know that my health would have continued to decline if Leanne had not helped me.

- Gevay

Leanne is so knowledgeable about women’s health and thinks outside the box. After working with her for four months I am down 20 lbs (while being on steroids!) and my ANA labs were cut in half. Leanne helped not just with what to eat but how to eat – behavioral changes that until she brought it up, I wasn’t even thinking about. Leanne is so invested and wants to help but not judgmental – she meets you where you are at. I highly recommend working with Leanne!

- Mary

Working with Leanne changed my life. She provided exactly what I needed to be successful in making the changes that were so necessary for my health. I needed personalized guidance based on my specific health needs - peri-menopause, insulin resistance, inflammation, and overall feeling icky. Leanne's 1-1 Coaching provided me with regular accountability, easy to try action steps, and zero judgement! Leanne is encouraging 100% of the way! Using the skills I learned by working with Leanne, I've lost 26 pounds, stopped snoring, and have reduced my hip and knee pain dramatically. I continue to have Leanne's voice in my head, and I'm so thankful!

- Sarah

After 30 years of calorie restriction I could not maintain any weight loss and had issues with metabolism, estrogen dominance and excess cortisol. Leanne was able to tackle these problems head on and quickly began to heal my body with nourishing, whole foods. She got to bottom of why 30 years of dieting had failed and it was so eye opening. I have never been able to eat so much in my life and not gain weight. Thanks Leanne!

- Issa



6 week keto weight loss student?(Required)

Comprehensive Protocol

One protocol which can be followed for 60 to 90 days

Follow-up for questions 3-days after initial delivery of protocol

Opportunity for ongoing followup bookings for new protocols

Weekly Coaching

Ongoing protocols, a minimum of 2 in a 3 month period

Weekly check ins over email

Unlimited email support

Supplements and labs are necessary (and not included in the consult fee); they each have a role; expect around $200 to $400 in supplements per month and $200 to $500 on testing every 3 months.

Let’s talk timeline, shall we? For every year you have felt unwell, expect on average 1 month minimum to restore balance. It’s likely that a minimum of 4 to 6 months will be required. Realistically if you’ve felt unwell for 10+ years, it will take us 10+ months. I’m not in the business of pumping through clients, getting them sorta well, and moving on.

Common Questions

When are our meetings?

For weekly coaching subscriptions, once your labs and assessment forms are completed, I take 7 to 14 days to review and prepare a protocol for you. We’ll be in discussion over email during this time, should questions arise as I’m preparing things. We will then decide the best time to begin our weekly sessions. You’ll be provided with instructions on what to send me for our weekly updates - based on what we’re tracking, and what our goals are. The same day each week, you send me your update, and we discuss your progress over email, weekly. Should we decide following your first protocol that more tests are required, we will discuss at that time. The results of these subsequent tests will result in a new protocol being made, and we will keep going with the flow, adjusting as new data becomes available.

For one-time protocols, once your labs and assessment forms are completed, I take 7 to 14 days to review and prepare a protocol for you. We’ll be in discussion over email during this time, should questions arise as I’m preparing things. Upon delivery, you will have 3 days to get back to me with any questions you may have.

Can I get a refund after purchase?

As soon as you’ve made the purchase and you have received the intake form and/or lab requisition(s), you will not be able to request a refund. This includes the full 3-month commitment. However, if you purchase and before you have received the intake form, you decide it’s not for you, then you can request for a refund, and I will honor it.

I’m not sure this is right for me...

If you are the woman who wants to be here, is fully dedicated (even if there’s a little self-doubt in there, we can handle it together), and is looking to work alongside her coach to bring her body back to a state of ease, I think we will make a perfect fit. But the best way to know how is to fill your name out in the waitlist for a FREE discovery call so we can determine if we are a good match.